Welcome Letter

The FIT Committee is proud to be hosting the 33rd Annual Fiesta Invitational Tournament in May 2018. The FIT’s sole purpose is to raise money for children’s charities statewide. All of the money raised during this event goes directly to help children in need; no funds go for any administrative expenses. Our dedicated committee is busy securing sponsorships, tee and raffle prizes, auction items and, most importantly, players for this wonderful event.

The Fiesta Invitational Committee would like to formally invite you to play in our annual golf tournament, which we believe is the BEST tournament in the Valley. The location for this year’s tournament is the 4 Diamond Arizona Grand Resort. From the beautiful, challenging golf course to the many resort amenities available, we are expecting this year’s tournament to be the best one yet.

Without players and the generous contributions made to the Fiesta Invitational Tournament by our business community, nothing we have accomplished over the past 32 years would be possible. We are looking for corporate and individual sponsorships for this year’s event, and the promotional opportunities are world class. Please let your friends and business partners know of these opportunities.

Whether you’re a returning player or new to the tournament, I invite you to participate in the Chairman’s Challenge: Bring in two new players and help us grow the tournament!

Again, thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you in May for a great weekend and a worthy cause.

Will Carter
General Chairman
33rd Annual FIT

President's Letter

It is a great honor to accept this new position as the president of the Fiesta Invitational Golf Tournament. For 32 years it has been done with excellence, pride, and dedication, and I am committed to the same for many years to come. Over these years we have raised almost two million dollars for Arizona charities, none of which would have been accomplished without the ideas and efforts of past board and committee members, golfers, and sponsors.

In late 2017, it was decided to make a transition with the Corporation and bring in a new group of individuals to keep the Fiesta Invitational Tournament (FIT) going strong. I want to personally thank the previous board for all they have done throughout the years, and the trust they put in the new board to take this tournament to the next level. For their selfless dedication to this great organization and its beneficiaries, please join me in thanking the most recent board members: Rodney Kawulok, Steve Field, and Dominic Palazzo. I would be remiss to not thank other previous board members and Chairmen as well: Travis Turk, Mike Wells, Mike Wilner, Rick Sechler, Tom Benefiel, Ken Schacherbauer, Larry McCrea, Bob Schaffer, Tim Rethlake, David Shepard, Jerry Cecil, and Bob Peck. My sincere apologies if I left anyone out. Along with these individuals there are many committee members that have provided their time and service as well- you are all appreciated for all you have done and continue to do. Since 1985, the above individuals have been instrumental in making this all happen.

It is my goal to make this tournament one you will continue to look forward to each year, and leave saying “that was the best one yet”. I know I have some big shoes to fill and I embrace the opportunity. I have assembled a committee that I feel can deliver the same dedication you will get from me, and what you have received over the past 32 years. I first attended the FIT 18 years ago and I quickly learned that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill golf tournament…it is family. Immediately I felt the love of one another, the passion for the charities, and of course the amount of fun was incalculable. I learned to golf because of this tournament as I wanted to participate in as many ways as possible. I have established many friendships from this tournament and have exposed many friends to it. They felt the same way I did and those are the ones I chose to join me in this venture. Not one of them hesitated when presented with the opportunity.

As I was told before the transition, and as I have experienced in this short time, “It takes a village”. A lot of time and passion goes into creating this wonderful tournament. We welcome your suggestions, opinions, and your service to keep this going and improving each year. If you are interested in joining the committee or volunteering or care to share any feedback, please let me know.


Brandon J. MacDonald
Fiesta Invitational Golf Tournament, Inc.

Chairmen Recognition

In recognition of their past and present support of the Fiesta Invitational Tournament, the Fiesta Invitational Committee and all the children of Child Crisis Arizona would like to thank you all for your dedication and selfless support of our worthy cause. Below see a list of our past and present tournament chairmen, without whom an event of this size would not be possible.

1985 Tom Benefiel
1986 Gary Burger
1987 Larry McCrea
1988 Tom Benefiel
1990 Tim Rethlake
1991 Rick Sechler
1992 Ken Schacherbauer
1993 Larry McCrea
1994 Tom Benefiel
1995 Rick Sechler
1996 Ken Schacherbauer
1997 Larry McCrea
1998 Mike Wilner
1999 Dominic Palazzo
2000 Steve Field
2001 Jerry Cecil
2002 Mike Wilner
2003 Dave Shepard
2004 Rodney Kawulok
2005 Larry McCrea
2006 Mike Wells
2007 Dominic Palazzo
2008 Mike Wells
2009 Mike Wells
2010 Mike Wells
2011 Mike Wells
2012 Mike Wells
2013 Shane Dryanski
2014 Shane Dryanski
2015 Steve Field
2016 Travis Turk
2017 Travis Turk
2018 Will Carter

2018 Committee


Will Carter

Chairman & Vice President

Brandon MacDonald

President / Communications
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Erin MacDonald

Secretary / Volunteers & Printing

Erica Benefiel

Golf Course, Rosters, Beneficiary POC

Jason Huth

Corporate Sponsors

Marc Mattfolk

Awards, Prizes, Auctions

Kendra Huth

Corporate Sponsors

Andrea Carter

2018 FIT committee tours Child Crisis Arizona
2018 FIT committee tours Child Crisis Arizona